จำหน่ายจอ LED ,ติดตั้ง LED outdoor Digital signage,ไดโอดเปล่งแสง (อังกฤษ: light-emitting diode หรือย่อว่า LED) เป็นอุปกรณ์สารกึ่งตัวนำอย่างหนึ่ง จัดอยู่ในจำพวกไดโอด ที่สามารถเปล่งแสงในช่วงสเปกตรัมแคบ เมื่อถูกไบอัสทางไฟฟ้าในทิศทางไปข้างหน้า ปรากฏการณ์นี้อยู่ในรูปของ electroluminescence
LED Modle Series
3528 SMD LED Module
3528 smd led module becomes more an more popular aroud the world as the cost goes down and the brightness goes up and the angle is up to 110 degree.The view angle is good for thin channel letter and light box.about the color temperature,China signage makers prefer cold white for channel letter.But we found that west europe advertising users prefer to natural white.It is really diffcult to offer exact same white 3528 smd led module for led module manufacturer.they can offer the same white 3528 led modules for every order.there is torelence about color.You should know that.Some led module suppliers shall keep record for his important clients.The brightness is about 7~11lumens for each 3528 smd led module.But The high quality of 3528 smd led module can reach 12~18 lumens.The high quality of 3528 smd led module is about 0.5 us dollar.But the regular 3528 led module is about 0.3 us dollar each piece.
5050 SMD LED Module
5050 smd led module have similar features with 3528 smd led module.But the cost of 5050 SMD LED module is 3 times more than 3528 SMD LED MODULE.The same angle 110 degree.But the brightness of 5050 smd led modulce can reach max 80lumens.5050 SMD led moudle shall become main products in future.
RGB LED Module Series
There are two types of RGB LED module.watproof RGB LED module and nonwaterproof RGB LED module.Most of europe sigmakers prefer to use waterproof RGB LED module which last longer time and less troubles.But Chinese signage prefer to choose nonwaterprof as they are sensitive to price. RGB SMD LED have better color blending than through hole RGB LED module.The price of smd rgb is about 2 times of the through hole rgb led.Here is what color of led modules advertising distributors.For example. 10,000pcs led modules.7000pcs of nature white wateroroof SMD LED Module.2000 pcs of red waterproof 3528 smd led modules.200 pcs of blue waterproof 3528 smd led modules.200 pcs of green waterproof 3528 smd led modules .200 pcs of yellow waterproof 3528 smd led modules.600 pcs of green waterproof RGB smd led modules.The regular order are from france advertising distributors.The signmakers shall order around 2000~5000pcs of led modules each order.The France HS code is 9405403990.The RGB LED module can create colorful signage for you.But the RGB LED module need controller.Especial for pixel led modules.The controller is really complicated.But the color effects is really attractive.You can serach RGB LED module in youtube. You shall find many amazing video about RGB LED module.But I do not recommed you make the project for your clients as I know which wast much time and many troubles.But you can make your own attractive signage.
Smart RGB LED Module Series
Smart RGB LED Modules can be controlled by RCM220-2048D which can help sign makers create any color changing by software accord to users¡¯ requirements., which can be widely used both indoor and outdoor, such as indoor decoration, small floodlight, signs, logos, cove lighting, edge decoration
Hi-power LED Module Series
High power led module are desiged for big channel letter and big light box.There are 1 watt high power led inside of Aluminum cover.heat elimination is much more important than others for high power led module.As buyer.You should know the the price is high.And as I know 3 pcs of high power led module as one group can be cuttale.LED module with aluminum housing using high power led.90 degree angle.
Superflux LED Module Series
Through Hole LED Module Series
LED Direct Lighting
Monocolor LED Direct Lighting Series
RGB LED Direct Lighting Series
Smart RGB LED Direct Lighting Series
LED Strip Series
Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Series
Nonwaterproof Flexible LED Strip Series
RGB Flexible LED Strip Series
Rigid LED Strip Series
Smart RGB flexible led strip Series
LED Lighting Series
Hi-power LED Lamp Series
LED Tube Series
T8 LED Tube Light
T8 LED Tube Light is the next generation solution to replace conventional fluorescent light. They feature higher efficiency, more reliability, no mercury, no recycling, no flickering, no buzzing, instant start, cold temperature operation, and high quality light compared to the previous generation. They are well-suited for use anywhere, homes, offices, museums, galleries, shop windows, hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, just like conventional fluorescent lights.
RGB LED Tube Seriesa
It¡¯s Pixel Tube developed by RightLEDs It is an advanced kind of decoration and illuminating product based on light source of red, green and blue LEDS. It introduces advanced microelectronic and digital technology and adopts excellent elements that ensure the eminent reliability of the product. It can create different kinds of effects including color change, color chase, transition gradual change, gray scale change and seven-color change through adding baffling color and rich illuminating effects. Meanwhile, it gets rid of the disadvantages of conventional color illuminating including high maintenance charge and some other limitations. Now, it is widely applied to the ornament of bar, dancery, mansion-plaza, bridge baluster and some other large-scale buildings
LED Dot Matrix Series
LED Dot Matrix Sereis
The concepts of making LED Dot Matrix Display comes from video technology. Once the pixels are mounted on the surface with a programmable controller, they can create various patterns, words, logos, etc, even with different color changing modes. This is an ideal product for outdoor applications, because of its high visibility, flexibility, durability, low cost, low maintenance and energy saving advantages.
LED Controller Series
LED Controller
Product Features Under the control of wireless, the effective remote control distance is 50 meters. 3 channel RGB control£¬the max current of each channel up to 5A Multi-Mode to select. Stay at chosen color.8 scale speed.
Smart LED Controller
RCM220-1000D Controller is specially designed for controlling LED items with IC LPD 6803, which can creat more colorful effects such as motion picture effect and color animations for your irregular project.The controller read PPS file in SD card which be created by concered software.The sequence of data and signals from PPS file be sent to each IC inside of LED Items accord to driver realize different color changing.
LED Power Supply
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