Smart RGB flexible led strip Series Smart RGB flexible led strip Series


Smart RGB Flexible LED Strip Series   Smart RGB Flexible LED Strip Series adopts 40 or 42pcs of 5050 RGB SMD LED as its light source.There are 20 or 14 IC each meter which control the color changing of LED. It is made of flexible copper board . RRFT1000-40RGBD is controlled by RK220-D1000RGB.But RRFT1000-42RGBD is controlled by RCM220-2048D  

Smart RGB Flexible LED Strip Series

>  Part Number: RRFT1000-40RGBD/ RRFT1000-42RGBD  
1. This product adopts a kind of super flexible PCB as base which makes soldering points is steady. There are 3 chips in each 5050 RGB SMD LED. The LEDS are evenly arranged on the board.
2. It can create more than 30 types of effects
2. Every two LEDs and one IC as one unit can be cuttable
3. Our special waterproof craft makes the product completely waterproof
4. Self-adhesive 3M label in the back, fix it firmly as your requirement.
5. The 5050 RGB SMD have excellent color blending, high intensity, large viewing angle, good quality.
6. The PCB size can be custom-made according to the customer¡¯s requirement
7. End of strip is soldered with flying leads for customer wiring use.
8. 5 meters per roll.
9. Each 5 meters need 5vdc and 100watts of transformer.

RRFT1000-40RGBD/ RRFT1000-42RGBD

Mechanical Dimension
Mechanical Dimension

>  Specification  
Dimension 1000x17x4mm 1000x17x4mm
LED No 40 42
Voltage 5V DC 12 V DC
View angle 150 150
Current 60 mA 60 mA
Watts Max 14.4watts Max 14.4watts
Lumen 320 336
Cuttable Unit 2 3
Life 50,000 50,000
Color pixel pixel
Controller RK220-D1000RGB RCM220-2048D
Operation Temperature -40¡æ- 60¡æ (-40¨H~140¨H)
Certificate CE:BTRE0708181359 / RoHS: BTRS0708310889
Warranty 1 1
Weight 350g/5 meters/reel 350g/5 meters/reel
IP 67 67
Part No RRFT1000-40RGBD RRFT1000-42RGBD

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