T8 LED Tube Light T8 LED Tube Light

T8 LED Tube Light is the next generation solution to replace conventional fluorescent light. They feature higher efficiency, more reliability, no mercury, no recycling, no flickering, no buzzing, instant start, cold temperature operation, and high quality light compared to the previous generation. They are well-suited for use anywhere, homes, offices, museums, galleries, shop windows, hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, just like conventional fluorescent lights.  
The high quality T8 LED Tube Light is constructed from extruded aluminum to provide a virtually unbreakable, vandal proof lighting solution.  

T8 LED Tube Light adopts high efficient 5050 SMD LEDs, which makes them produce equivalent light intensity of 50 watts fluorescent lights at only 25 watts consumption (1.5m). They can directly drop into existing T8 sockets, no need of ballast and starter.
With excellent thermal control technology, and special designed aluminum housing, substantially achieves good thermal property and plays more stable performance and of course will last up to 50,000 hours compared to 5,000 hours from conventional fluorescent lights.


>  T8 LED Tube Light  
· Longer life than Fluorescent Tube: min 4 years
· 70%~80% Energy-saving over Fluorescent tubes
· Solid State, high shock/vibration resistant
· Work without ballast
· No RF interference
· No flickering or buzzing
· Quick and easy installation to minimize retrofit costs
· Instant soft-start
· Minimum maintenance costs
· Produce little Heat
· No Mercury and other hazardous materials, fully RoHS-compliant
· Continuous operation for white LEDs (10 years for other colors)
· Rated to operate from -40¡ãF to 122¡ãF [-40¡ãC to 50¡ãC], perfect for environments with extreme climates

T8 LED Tube Light


>  Specification  
Optical Specification
Part No RTLT8B-54T3W RTLT8D-108T3W
Color Temperature Cool white(6000~6500k) ;
warm white(3000~3500k)
Lumens 1080 lm 2160 lm
Luminous Efficacy 83lm/w

Electrical Specifications
Part No RTLT8B-54T3W RTLT8D-108T3W
Input voltage 110~240V AV
Consumption 10.8watt 21.6watt
Lighting source 5050 SMD LED
LED quantity 54pcs SMD5050 108pcs SMD5050

Physical Specifications
Part No RTLT8B-54T3W RTLT8D-108T3W
Dimension L600*D26mm(L1.965*D0.0085ft) L600*D26mm(L3.93*D0.0085ft)
Housing material Acrylic front cover, Aluminum back cover.
Net weight 240g 475g
Gross weight 350g 680g

>  Test Result  

Measurement from 3 meter height vertically


>  Package  

T8s is CE approved and RoHS compliant. Just choose T8s for illumination lighting, task lighting, display lighting and back lighting.
Part No RTLT8B-54T3W RTLT8D-108T3W
Price 28$/pc 51$/pc

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