RGB LED Tube Seriesa RGB LED Tube Seriesa


RGB LED Tube Series   It¡¯s Pixel Tube developed by RightLEDs It is an advanced kind of decoration and illuminating product based on light source of red, green and blue LEDS. It introduces advanced microelectronic and digital technology and adopts excellent elements that ensure the eminent reliability of the product. It can create different kinds of effects including color change, color chase, transition gradual change, gray scale change and seven-color change through adding baffling color and rich illuminating effects. Meanwhile, it gets rid of the disadvantages of conventional color illuminating including high maintenance charge and some other limitations. Now, it is widely applied to the ornament of bar, dancery, mansion-plaza, bridge baluster and some other large-scale buildings  

RGB LED Tube Series

>  Part Number: RFH5016-144RGB/ RFH3016-144RGB/RFH5016-144RGB  
Item No.: RFH3016-144RGB RFH5016-144RGB RFH50-144X
LED No: 144PCS (R48, G48, B48) 144PCS (R48, G48, B48) 144PCS£¨R/G/B/G/Y/W£©
Pixels 16£¨8/4/1£© 16£¨8/4/1£© -------------------
Luminance: 264LM 264LM R216/W360LM
Operating Environment: -20 oC~+45oC 0-95% -20 oC~+45oC 0-95% -20 oC~+45oC 0-95%
IP IP67 IP65 IP65
Controlling RC12-200
Life Span 50,000hrs 50,000hrs 50,000hrs
Voltage DC12V/DC24V DC12V DC12V
Power consumption 12W 12W 12W
Material for Tube: Milky(Transparent) PC Milky(Transparent) Milky(Transparent)
Material for Tube Holder Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy/clips Aluminum Alloy/clips
Dimension L1010*W30*H55mm L1010*W50*H50mm L1010*W50*H50mm

RFH5016-144RGB/ RFH3016-144RGB/RFH5016-144RGB

Mechanical Dimension
Mechanical Dimension

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