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Product Features
Under the control of wireless, the effective remote control distance is 50 meters.
3 channel RGB control£¬the max current of each channel up to 5A
Multi-Mode to select. Stay at chosen color.8 scale speed.

Product Specification
input voltage 12/24V
Remote distance 50 meters
Output power 5A(Max) per channel, 12V: 180W; 24V: 360W
Size£º211(L)X40(W)X30(H) mm

Mode Description
Seven Color Flash Leaning Color Fade Full Color Fade Loop Seven Fixation Color

Operation Instruction
The Functions of the buttons:£ºA: Mode; B: Pause; C: Speed+; D: Speed-.
A: Press it to change the mode to the next one
B: Press it to make the LED stays at the present color, press it again then the color change moves on;
C: Press it to make the change speed of the LED to a faster level£¨Default is fastest level
D : Press it to make the change speed of the LED to a slower level.



>  Specification  
Item No Function Single loop output T.output Consumption
RKQ12-200Q Jump, fade, flash, static, chase. ¡´4A ¡´12A 150W/12V£¬280W/24V
RKQ12-500Q ¡´8A ¡´24A 280W/12V£¬550W/24V
RKQ12-1500Q ¡´4A ¡´72A 750W/12V£¬1500W/24V

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