Smart LED Controller Smart LED Controller


Smart LED Controller Series   RCM220-1000D Controller is specially designed for controlling LED items with IC LPD 6803, which can creat more colorful effects such as motion picture effect and color animations for your irregular project.The controller read PPS file in SD card which be created by concered software.The sequence of data and signals from PPS file be sent to each IC inside of LED Items accord to driver realize different color changing.  

Smart LED Controller Series

> Part Number: RCM220-2408D  

Product Features
Easy Software
Support irregular LED arrangement
Reliable and easy connection



>  Specification  
Part No RCM220-2408D
Controlling Support 32/256 gray color¡£Max.1000pcs.
Input Voltage 220VAC
Output Voltage 12VDC
Signal connectors 4-pins connectors
IP 65
Shell material Aluminum
Enviroment -10~+50, 20%~93%
Size 500*130*50mm
Weight 735g


Smart LED Controller Series   LC601 Controller use HL1606 Chip. The LED No and color change speed are controlled by button. The controller can generate 128*128*128 grayscales.  

Smart LED Controller Series

> Part Number: LC601  

Product Features
1.Adjust Controlling LED No
2.Perfect Color Change Model
3.Recover Memory Function
4.128*128*128 Grade Grayscales
5.Reverse and Positive Adjust
6.Max.Control:1800 Pixels. Min Control:10 Pixels. Only Positive when the No of Pixels is over 768
7.With remote

Product Specification
input voltage 9~12V
Input current ¡Ü10 mA
Remote distance 50 meters

L£ºlock and memory output£¬to L_I of HL1606.
C£ºclock output£¬to CK_I of HL1606.
D£ºdata output£¬to D_I of HL1606.
S£ºchanging output£¬to S_I of HL1606.



>  Mode Description  
Model Name of model Model Name of model Model Name of model
0 Six color jump 10 Tree color jump 20 Green-white-green
1 Seven color trailing 11 Six color 21 Blue-white-blue
2 Full color flap 12 Three color brush 22 Six color wave
3 Full color lap 13 Red-purple-red 23 RGB Wave
4 RGB flap 14 Red-yellow-red 24 Red wave
5 Six color fading 15 Red-green-red 25 Green wave
6 RGB Trailing 16 Red-blue-red 26 Blue wave
7 Six color trailing 17 Green-bluish-green 27 White wave
8 RGB trailing 18 Green-blue-green 28 Blue white wave
9 Six color jump 19 Red-white-red 29 White red wave

>  Mode Description  

1.Operation State
The board show the words after turning on power MODE 08-01¡±
08 means the amount of models
01 means the running model
¡°SPEED£º16¡±means the running Speed;Bigger Number means faster speed.
White_Red_Metror¡± means the name of model
FW means changing starts from the end of controller
BW means changing starts from the end of led strips
MS means changing starts from the middle of led strips
SM means changing starts from both ends to middle of led strip
The bottons of <¡±¡¢¡±>¡±¡°¡ø¡±¡¢¡°¨‹¡±do not work under operation

2.Turn off output
Press ¡°power¡±to turn off the leds to adjust the quantity of chip

3.Adjust the quantity of chip
from 010~1800
Press ¡°¡ø¡±¡°¨‹¡±to increase or decrease 1 each time
Press ¡°£¼¡±¡¢¡°£¾¡±to increase or decrease 10 each time
Long time Press ¡°£¼¡±¡¢¡°£¾¡±to increase or decrease 10 each time

4.Edit model
¡°MODE 08 EDIT¡± means you can choose squence direction speed in the model
¡°BlueWhite_Meteor¡±means the name of model
¡°FW¡±means the running direction
¡°Speed£º18¡± means the running speed
Press¡°<¡±¡°>¡±button to choose model
Press¡°¡ø¡±¡°¨‹¡±button to Change the speed
Press ¡°Direction¡±to choose direction
Short Press¡°Power¡± button to save the current set to come into another editing
Long Press¡°Power¡±button to save the current set to return operation state

> Part Number: T-1000C System  
1. 256 Gray£¬Gamma correction processing software¡£
2. Support the rules and special-shaped handle.
3. Controller, a port output, may bring 1024/2048 light.
4. Off-line control, play back content stored in the SD card
5. T-1000C store a maximum of 16 documents
Note: T-1000C-port 512 lights, the playback speed of up to 30 frames / sec, the port more than 512 lights, the frame rate with the increase in the number of lights automatically reduced.
7.5V¡ª24V DC power input, to provide two sets of power input, select a group can be.
5V Power Ground.
GND Error indicator
POWER SD card slot
DAT Signal Ground
Compatible with DMX signal, differential A, and differential B
GND Signal Ground
Regulatory function button:
SET Save Settings to save current settings file and the playback speed
MODE Switch File
SPEED+ Speed up the playback speed
SPEED- Slow down the playback speed

T-1000C System


>  System architecture diagram  

Specific parameters:

Memory Card:
Type:SD Card
File Format:FAT file format
Store files:*.led
Physical parameters:
Temperature :-20¡æ¡ª85¡æ
Power Supply:AC 85V¡ª264V
To copy files to SD card, you must first format to the SD card, pay attention to is that each copy must be formatted before.
SD card must be formatted as "FAT" format.

Controller on the SD card can not be hot-swappable, plug the SD card every time, you must first disconnect the power supply controller.

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